HO Upgrades are in the works!

On the HO layout, we have begun a project to install automatic signalling and control on one of the outside loops. The goal is that two trains will be able to “chase” each other around the loop, stopping at times when needed to avoid rear-end collisions. This would be especially entertaining when running Thomas the Tank Engine and his colleague Percy.

Semaphore signals with their associated actuators (motors) have been purchased and will be installed at three places around the loop. Gaps will be cut in the track to provide sections which can be electrically switched off so that trains stop in front of any signal set to “danger”. The control of the switched sections and of the semaphore actuators will be performed by Infra-Red Detector and Signal Controller (IRDASC) units which have also been purchased. The detectors look upward between the ties, and are not connected in any way to track power, which makes for simpler and more reliable wiring. Currently, the IRDASC’s and the actuators are being test-wired to make sure that the electrical connections are correct, prior to installation on the layout.

Thanks to Humphrey for telling us about the changes that will add to the “fun-ability” of the HO layout!

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BM Railways Pumpkin Festival

We had a great turnout for the annual Pumpkin Festival this year!  The pictures on the website are worth looking over – you’ll notice that kids of all ages attended.

Don’t forget that we do have a few open house events before the end of the year.  There’s a pre-Thanksgiving open house and a Holiday open house.  Times and dates are posted on the website.

As always, our every-other-Wednesday night work sessions will also run throughout the winter months, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday night.

Thanks to all who visited… be sure to check out the pictures!

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It’s a GREAT DAY for a Visit!

Come and enjoy our trains and layouts today in AIR-CONDITIONED comfort!

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Scala Visit

On Friday, Anna Scala and members of her family from out-of-town visited the Boothe Memorial Railway Society to see her late husband Sebe’s dream. A special open house was held from 1-2 pm to accommodate our guests! One of our visitors told us about his model railroad club, the Rappahannock Model Railroad Club. Visit their website at http://rmrrclub.org… Visitors to BMRS can see a picture of Sebe and a work crew of some of our founding fathers on the wall next to our entrance.

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A note from Don

Today (July 9) was a beautiful day. We had a nice crowd come through, many for the first time. This Wednesday is a work night and next Saturday is our next open house. Hope to see you there.

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A Quick Reminder

Even though we are open on Saturdays in the summer, this week on July 2, we will be CLOSED to celebrate 4th of July weekend… see you on the 9th  from 1 to 4pm !

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Check out the walls…

On your next visit, look behind the O Gauge layout for some new additions.  On Wednesday, Don, Paul, and Ed installed display shelves between the windows.  These will display members’ trains and provide an easy way to switch the trains that are running on the layout during Open House events.  We will be adding a few more display shelves soon!

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Big plans for the O Gaugers!

Keep an eye out for changes from the O gaugers.

… a new lighthouse scene near the entrance is in the planning stages.

… display shelves along the wall behind the O Gauge layout to display members’ trains.

…some track changes “behind the scenes” to improve the coal train operations.

All coming to the BMRS soon!

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Teachers visit the BMRS !

Last Thursday, we had a short open house to welcome the Greater Bridgeport Retired Teachers Association. Many commented on the details on our layouts, and it seems like everyone said, “I think I still have my toy trains in my attic!”

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Hello BMRS Fans!

Welcome to the BMRS blog!

Check back for the latest news and topic of interest…

Ed – BMRS – Fireman and head blogger

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